Raman Bar and Grill

Chargrilled Mains

BBQ King Prawns

$16.50 / piece

king prawns topped with butter, paprika & chilli

Risotto Freekeh


smokey crushed wheat, mushrooms & chickpea cooked in Middle Eastern spices

Chicken Musakhan


a famous Palestinian dish, shredded chicken cooked in onion & olive oil with sumac & spices & wrapped in warm flat bread

Grilled Baby Sardine


baby sardine fish topped with chilli, cumin, onion & garlic in tomato broth

Beef Shawarma 200gr


wagyu beef +5 grade, thinly sliced beef strips, served on bread with pickles & tahini sauce

Chicken Skewers 300gr


chicken breast marinated in garlic, lemon with our special sauce & herbs

Kafta Skewers 260gr


minced lamb mixed with parsley & onion

Samkeh Harra 250gr


oven baked crispy skinned barramundi fish fillet, served with tahini sauce

Lamb Skewers 300gr


lamb backstrap cut marinated in special raman spices

Cripsy Duck Leg


oven baked duck leg, marinated in ras el hanout spices, served with cauliflower steak & tarator sauce

Chicken Moghrabieh


Syrian couscous, chicken breast, cooked with chickpeas, baby onion, served with pumpkin sauce

Qimat Biathinjan Vegetarian Dish


slow cooked split chickpeas (middle eastern style), spices & tomato broth, topped with eggplant, served with rice

Jordanian Lamb Mansaf


slow cooked lamb shoulder (6 hours), cooked in jameed & yoghurt, served on safron rice, topped with roasted nuts

Beef Cheek Tagine


slow cooked beef cheek in prune, peas, potato & green olives, cooked in tomato broth & Moroccan spices, served with rice, garnished with sesame seeds

Glazed BBQ Octopus (Western Australia)


with baked, smoked eggplant & side of chermoula sauce

Shish Barak


Arabic Comfort Meal

homemade meat dumplings, cooked in garlic, mint & goat yoghurt, served with Egyptian style rice

Damascus Kebab


lamb mince barbecued kebab, cooked in red spices, served on a bed of tomato broth, topped with pine nuts

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