Raman Bar and Grill

Chargrilled Mains

BBQ King Prawns

$14.50 / piece

king prawns topped with butter, paprika & chilli

Kousa B Laban


zucchini stuffed with lamb minced meat & pine nuts cooked in goat yogurt & mint with rice on the side

Risotto Freekeh


smokey crushed wheat, mushrooms & chickpea cooked in Middle Eastern spices

Riz A-Djaj


slow roast chicken breast, served with minced lamb, rice, pine nuts & a side of yogurt mint sauce

Chicken Musakhan


a famous Palestinian dish, shredded chicken cooked in onion & olive oil with sumac & spices & wrapped in warm flat bread

Grilled Baby Sardine


baby sardine fish topped with chilli, cumin, onion & garlic in tomato broth

Tagine Vegetarian


grilled vegetables, chickpea cooked in tomato broth served with rice

Beef Shawarma


wagyu beef +5 grade, thinly sliced beef strips, served on bread with pickles & tahini sauce

Cousa Vegetarian


zucchini stuffed with lentils & rice cooked in tomato broth

Freekeh Lamb Shanks


slow cooked lamb shanks served with smoky crushed wheat, onions, mixed nuts & side of mint yogurt sauce

Chicken Skewers 280gr


chicken breast marinated in garlic, lemon with our special sauce & herbs

Kafta Skewers 240gr


minced lamb mixed with parsley & onion

Wagyu Short Ribs Mansaf


slow cooked wagyu rib, served with lamb minced rice & a side of yogurt mint sauce

Samki Harra


oven baked whole barramundi fish with spicy tahini sauce, topped with fresh coriander & nuts

Lamb Skewers 280gr


lamb backstrap cut marinated in special raman spices

Crispy Skin Duck Breast Skewers 280gr


slow chargrilled duck breast served with grape pickle, pomegranate seeds & pomegranate sauce

Chargrilled Spatchcock


free range chicken marinated in sumac, cumin, raman sauce & a side of garlic sauce

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